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Insulation Removal Solutions uses a specifically designed commercial vacuum system to remove old insulation from your home. Using this purpose built equipment we are able to remove all existing insulation from cavities without contaminating any living spaces.

This ensures that none of the dust, debris or animal faeces collected in and around old insulation makes its way into your home.

Types of Insulation material we can remove:

  • Loose Fibre glass
  • Foam and Dust
  • Loose Rock wool
  • Seaweed
  • Cellulose Fibre
  • Ceramic Fibres
  • Loose paper fill
  • Batts

We often get asked about removing existing insulation prior to installing insulation. Simply put you have two choices - Keep the existing insulation or remove it. Insulation Removal Solutions – a Division of SprayIt Solutions - can provide customers with a competitive service for insulation removal from their building prior to new insulation taking place.

Pro's and Con's

Keeping the existing insulation in place

The only advantage of keeping existing insulation is that it will be providing some insulation value to the home no matter how little.

Removing the existing insulation

The advantages of removing existing insulation are numerous including:

  • Insulation removal allows Icynene Polyurethane foam to bond directly to the ceiling providing the ultimate outcome for future stability.
  • Rodents are unlikely to burrow into the foam as it is a difficult barrier to penetrate, and it offers no nutritional value to them.
  • Leaving existing insulation in place, makes it harder to achieve an air seal to the ceiling. This gives an avenue for convection to move air under the spray foam therefore potentially reducing the effectiveness of the overalls insulations performance.
  • This type of traditional insulation is an ideal nesting ground for rodents. Covering it with spray foam will help keep them out, but if they do get into it, they can still nest and move through the old insulation with ease.
  • Any existing insulation will continue to produce dust and dirt that will make its way into the home.
  • Old insulation poses several health hazards ranging from health issues to fire safety and structural problems. Old manufacturing methods for insulation often included the use of harmful chemicals including formaldehyde, chlorine, lead, iron compounds, sulfur compounds, cadmium, nitric oxide and methane.

With over 20 year’s experience in Insulation Industry we can guarantee a quality service each and every time.

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