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“Paul from Altona had the floor insulated:”
Its been a great improvement. We have now been able to have the heater set to 20.0, rather then 22.5 and the room feels the same even though the temp is set lower. The temperature inside has also been close to 2 degrees warmer at the coldest part of the day – during the early hours of the morning. We should of done this earlier! As well as enjoying a warmer house, we have enjoyed the obvious benefits of not needing the A/C on as high. With our sophisticated electricity monitoring system we have in our house, I can confidently state that we are using on average 14.5% less electricity by our individual zoned A/C system. Prior to the insulation, we were using an average of 245.1 KW of electricity, and we are now down to 210 KW per week.
“Marc from Sherbrooke had the floor insulated:”
Dear Glenn, I hope you are well, you were right it's a huge improvement in our house, really the big thing is so much less air movement, now we go out turn the heater off and when come back even hours later it's still warm inside, can't wait to get the walls done.......
“Deborah and Colin from Preston have the walls and floor ...”
Our 80 year old home has always been difficult to heat, we had so many drafts and cold air coming in from places you couldn't even see, but certainly feel! It was extremely hard to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the house and some rooms always seemed cold even though the central heating was turned on. We decided to have the spray in place polyurethane foam installed in the walls, under new weatherboards and under the floor onto the underside of Baltic pine floorboards. We knew that this method was a little more expensive than traditional batt insulation but where very excited by the higher "R" values we could receive with the foam compared to batts. Now that's the process is complete we can honestly say that the difference is amazing. We have one constant temperature throughout the house and NO MORE drafts. The ducted heating is working more efficiently. And we look forward to reduced energy bills.
“This is the response to us asking about how the insulation ...”
Hi Glenn Yes I have noticed a difference, hard to define. Closest I can come to is that the temp is even without the fluctuations I used to have. I open up the front blinds in the morning to allow the sun to raise the temp then it seems to hold overnight.
“Goran from Oakleigh had his floor insulated:”
We got great support from Glenn from Sprayit Solutions, starting from the quote. He was taking care of our specific needs and was flexible to make this insulation project affordable to us. Now, we see benefits from insulation and infrared camera assessment verified that R values were delivered as promised
“David from Keilor had the underside of his roof insulated”
I did a lot of research into ceiling insulation, probably too much as there are so many products out there all with their own claims and ratings that it becomes very difficult to choose. Throw in "R" values and it is near impossible. At least now I am confident that I made the right decision choosing a spray in foam system. Not only does it insulate well against the heat and cool, but in my opinion it solves the most overlooked feature in that it stops the droughts so the heat stays were it is meant to! An added bonus for us was the reduction in noise as we live quite close to an airport.
“Catherine and Paul from Mt Waverley had the floor and..”
Great job, great service, great product. The insulation makes a big difference to our house. It retains the heat inside the house longer even when we turn off the heating. It was worth getting.
“Trevor from Gisborne had his floor insulated”
Thanks for a great job, your and your sons professionalism and communication.  The floor to touch was a lot warmer underfoot, no more squeaks and not as echoey.  Rooms that are not heated were a lot more temperate too. Thanks also for your honesty in the size of the job, that quality seems to be a rarity now-days.... Trevor.
“Chris from Devonport had his walls and floor insulated.”
If anyone is thinking of any type of insulation, let me remove your doubt. This is the way to go. We have an early 50's brick veneer house and had the underfloor and 1st story walls foamed. It has transformed our house. We now have to shut the bedroom doors in the evening before bed as the rooms get too hot to sleep in in the Tassie winter. When the nights were 3 degrees or less our bedroom would get to 10 degrees or so - with double glazed windows, now it never falls below 17. This is comfortable, any hotter and we can't sleep.  It takes only minutes to warm the house back up in the mornings, and our upstairs is open plan. The biggest gain is the drafts down the veneer walls, no cold air coming into the house from the roofspace between the plaster and brick to the underfloor and then back up to the 1st floor. The first heating bill this year was 25% less than the year before, and we have to run the heat pumps at lower temperatures now - so we are very happy. Except for the roof. I wish the roof hadn't already been insulated with bats, because it would be with foam.
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